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~ We are continually improving our software to better serve you, thank you for your patience and understanding ~

~ MAKE SURE YOU ARE CONTACTING YOUR DRIVER FROM THE LISTED NUMBER YOU BOOKED WITH AS THAT IS THEIR ONLY WAY TO CONTACT YOU ~ Until everyone is on the same page and fully integrated into our system, things will not be perfect just yet as the drivers are migrating from their existing old ways of doing things, and passengers alike are getting used to the new movement, this will not happen over night. Thank you for your patience and understanding. ~

By using our website and service(s), you recognize, acknowledge and are agreeing to our policies & procedures, terms of service.

1. We have a zero tolerance policy with aggressive/disruptive behaviour and/or vulgar language towards dispatchers/agents, drivers or passengers and will result in an instant blacklist ban. We expect all drivers, passengers and dispatchers to be respectful, considerate and cordial to one another, this is an A1 Community after all.

2. Each passenger is allowed 1 small/medium luggage stored in luggage area and 1 small/medium carry-on, ie. backpack/purse/laptop/etc. Space is limited, and allowance is subject to drivers discretion. Please be courteous to your driver and other passengers.

3. Delays, cancellations, no-shows, bad actors, trouble-makers are subject to a Global Blacklist Ban from our service. We reserve the right to terminate passengers or drivers on our platform whom we deem unfit for our community. Please let us know immediately if your plans change so we may release your seat to someone else. You are sent auto-reminders, please keep your phone handy.

4. Please arrive 30-minutes before your trips scheduled departure at the designated pickup location.

5. Please contact and co-ordinate with your driver. They may not be able to reply to your texts as they are driving, also please consider and not limited to, distance/other passenger pick-ups or drop-offs/traffic/weather/congestion/technical or mechanical issues, your driver will contact you as soon as they arrive at the designated pickup location and make several attempts to contact you via text/voice, thank you for your patience. Make sure you are at the designated location and not late or they will leave after several unsuccessful attempts to contact you after a grace period at their discretion as your agreement of time and place was made with them prior to them arriving. All inquiries related to your exact pickup location/time should be made with your driver, along with your destination.

6. All future bookings must be made through the A1 Rideshare Booking System. Please book at least 24-48+ hours in advance.

7. If you get a new booking confirmation + activation, that means you were transferred to another driver. Always refer to the last message/panel link you received.

8. For your safety and security: to make sure you're getting into the correct vehicle, please make sure to ask the driver to verify the Secret 4-digit Unique Trip Code that will match theirs and yours in your passenger panel above. Only the correct driver will have or know this matching unique code which changes day-to-day for every passenger, and in exchange the driver will ask you for your unique phone number/name to make sure you are you. If they don't have it, then they're not your driver!

9. Please be advised that all reservations are tentative, until you remit payment immediately to finalize your booking to [email protected] (via interac add as payee recipient, with password: a1rideshare), otherwise it will remain in a "Pending cancellation / awaiting payment" state then automatically cancelled and your tentative seat position released, once activated will be in an "ACTIVE - IN-PROGRESS" state. You must make full payment per seat requested for every booking to activate your booking (make sure you are not late or your driver will leave and there will be no refunds). It is important that you must include your Reference Code you received during booking in the notes/memo message field so we can approve and finalize your booking(s), quickly and efficiently. This process is now fully auto-mated. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Any and all refunds will be issued to your A1 Credit Balance.

In the event that you decide to cancel your booking, you must do so at least 48-hours prior to your departure, you will be refunded your booking reservation fees less a non-refundable/non-transferrable $15 per seat for adminstrative costs (please allow 3-5 business days for processing). There will be no refunds with cancellations on the day of departure or less than 48-hours. Same day Cancellations are not eligible for any refunds. Cancellations with 24-hours or more before departure will incur a $15 administrative fee. Exact pickup locations (ie. Front/back) and times may vary, please contact and co-ordinate with your driver prior to departure as their schedules may be earlier than the baseline schedules listed depending on volume/traffic/congestion/weather which may change day-to-day. This process is necessary to avoid false bookings (bad actors) and to guarantee your seat(s) as our objective is to never leave you stranded. We will go above and beyond to make sure we get you there affordably but we must work together!

10. It is now required that you book at least 24-48+ hours in advance because we need time to confirm and activate your booking(s); this process is now automated (make sure to include your Reference code) and allow 15-30 minutes for activation process. Seat priority is given to those in sequence. If someone books after you, but makes their payment first, their reservation trumps yours. In that case we will refund your payment (less a $2 processing fee) if we cannot source another ride for you. You can see the status of your trip in your control panel via the link sent to you in your text message. All refunds will be credited to your account and available in your A1 Credit Balance.

11. Holiday/Long Weekend Rates start at the base rate + $15 (Ottawa-Toronto/Toronto-Ottawa). Passengers may be dropped off at any of the designated drop-off locations of their choosing, pricing is inclusive. It is both the driver and passengers responsibility to communicate and co-ordinate with each other as you don't know who each other are so will have to contact each other to locate your ride regardless, as will every other passenger. Please be at your designated pickup location at least 30-minutes prior to departure. There will be one 15-20 minute break mid-trip.

12. In the event that your vehicle details (such as colour/car/make/model) do not match from your listed driver details in your passenger control panel; though our reservations trump everyone elses (your pre-payment is our commitment to the drivers that you will show up), this can happen due to the listed drivers sourcing other vehicles/drivers from their own network to accomodate you as they have their regular clients which A1RS reserves X amount of seats that go through our system that have been already spoken for (they will still have the correct Secret Unique Trip Code). In order to keep a good standing on our system, drivers enlisted on our platform are independent contractors whom have agreed and are committed to getting you from A to B. In the event that a driver fails to deliver as they are acting on their own accord we will penalize them accordingly, though not guaranteed, we will attempt to at the best of our ability to accommodate you as inventory permits.

13. The first few hours prior to departure times are very busy as drivers are communicating with all their passengers and head office is dealing with last-minute bookings from passengers who were over-booked from other companies, please be patient. The times listed are baseline schedules so there is enough time to get everyone processed and checked-in during the on-boarding process. In a perfect world, everyone would respect each others time and not be late, however not everyone will always be on time for this is life, it is our duty to give everyone a fair grace period during these influxes as per the drivers discretion, thank you for your patience and understanding.

14. Please keep in mind that our primary objective is to get you and your co-passengers from city-to-city safe and sound; the drivers enlisted on our platform are bound by regulated speed limits and/or other factors that are out of anyones control which may vary your travel time, it is unethical and against our Terms Of Service to rush your driver, please be patient.

15. It is the passengers responsibility to verify that the trip date and all trip details are correct upon activation.

16. Make sure to contact and coordinate with your driver via your trip details and that you are in the designated pickup location at the correct time at least 30-minutes before your scheduled departure for on-boarding. If you do not respond and coordinate as directed with their communications in a timely manner, you may lose your seat and there will be no refunds.

17. The whole A1RS EBS platform is automated. If multiple passengers for any given trip report a driver is offline or not responding, the system will automatically transfer you to the next available driver in our inventory who is covering your route, in which case your passenger panel would be updated with the information accordingly. The driver will then receive a auto-strike against their account, after 3-strikes they will be auto-suspended/auto-banned. This also applies for passengers.

18. *Our guarantee is a limited guarantee, allowing guaranteed bookings for rides through our booking system. However, we do not control drivers as they are independent contractors. In the event that a driver fails to pick you up (vehicle failure, sickness, personal reasons, etc), and our system attempts to auto-transfer you but the driver inventory has been exceeded because there are more passengers than drivers available in this particular case, this would be considered an Act of God. In this case, you would be refunded as per our refund policy.

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